Above: A 1939 French Carousel figure of Donald Duck

Above: A Steiff 1930s Mickey Mouse. There are more rare Steiffs on display in the Toy Museum.


Photo above by Steve St. John, National Geographic Society.

This page has about 40 photos, such as the 1930s Buck Rogers items above.

These are just a few of the items in our Museum displays.

Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum is filled with wonderful childhood memories. It features antique cartoon toys of all kinds. There are radio premiums and rare cereal boxes. World War II propaganda toys, rare toys from around the world. Antique radios featuring western heroes and other comic characters. Popeye, Felix the Cat, Snow White, Betty Boop, puppets, paper toys, toy soldiers and so much more.



Above: The first Mickey Mouse watch.


The Toy Museum has two floors of display and it will take about one hour see much of the collection. Big Little Books and comic books, rare 1930s Popeye & Jeep toys, and original Disney Fantasia animation art are shown. There is a 1937 Hazelle's marionette Thimble Theatre stage with Popeye, Olive Oyl and Wimpy. You will see a life size Yoda and original Star Wars figures, including all the rare versions. We have the Lionel World War II, 1942 paper toy train, mint in-the-box. Also, beautiful Krazy Kat, Pogo and Snoopy original newspaper art and animation cels are on display. The Museum has one of the largest collection of Lone Ranger toys, including comics and the original Lone Ranger paintings from WXYZ ratio station.

On the right is Clayton Moore's Lone Ranger Shirt that has been recently added to the collection.

There are lots more to see with special Halloween and Christmas displays.


Lone Ranger



The collection includes some of the original WXYZ radio and Dell comic book cover paintings.


Above: [NEW] A 1933 Mickey Mouse automobile mascot hood ornament. Manufactured by Desmo in England. Right: This Disney Animation cel was shown on The Antiques Roadshow.


Above: Gene Autry's Rodeo Saddle is part of the museum Cowboy Heroes collection



Above: Original Walt Disney Fantasia animation art.


See antique toys and games in their original boxes.



There are many mint in-box toys.



There are many rare cereal boxes and radio show permiums on display.


.Boop Popeye



Left: See life size Yoda and original Star Wars figures set with all the rare figures. Above: Felix the cat and tin toys. Right: The Hazelle's marionette Thimble Theater stage with Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Wimpy.



Above: Steiff toys.


Betty Boop
Above: Betty Boop in all sizes


NEW ADDITIONS: Two new Gene Autry's shirts, photos above and right, have been added. The one on the right has this inscription as shown in the photo on the left: "I wore this shirt in Madison Square Garden Rodeo--1940-1941. Gene Autry"


Also new to the museum is a large working Disney store display. Mickey's hand waves and Donald's head moves.

Above is Buscadero Colt Peacemaker quick-draw Gun Rig, of classic 1940s & 50s Hollywood Western Movie design. Leatherwork as an art form. Hand tooled by master craftsman, Tony Downe. A similar Tony Downe rig is exhibited at the Gene Autry Western Museum in Los Angeles. The intricate foliate and Eagle hand carving is complimented by extensive use of top quality traditional German silver fittings. This is leather craftsmanship of the highest standard. A truly unique work of art.

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